May Street Stories

May Street Stories

  • Artist Urban Lyrebirds
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  • A post-beginner reader for new English learners. The May Street Stories features entertaining story for class, library or individual study.

    Exercises include:

    • Sentence order
    • Comprehension
    • Writing practice
    • Conversation

    May Street Stories is a series of six stand-alone readers. Neighbours live in the same apartment block where they meet, share problems and make new friends! The readers are designed for new learners.

  • Artist Urban Lyrebirds

Downloadable individual PDF units and songs

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Name File Size Price Select Previews
Book 1: At the park 14.31 MB $14.50
Book 1 audio: At the park 3.95 MB 0.00
Book 2: The lost key 10.64 MB $14.50
Book 2 audio: The lost key 3.74 MB 0.00
Book 3: Broken computer 9.03 MB $14.50
Book 3 audio: Broken computer 3.78 MB 0.00
Book 4: Underpaid! 17.73 MB $14.50
Book 4 audio: Underpaid! 4.09 MB 0.00
Book 5: Where's my bike? 13.14 MB $14.50
Book 5 audio: Where's my bike? 3.70 MB 0.00
Book 6: Fire! Fire! 15.13 MB $14.50
Book 6 audio: Fire! Fire! 3.89 MB 0.00


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Feedback from our Sing for your English workshops:

  • Very fun and useful! Wonderful!
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  • One of the best workshops we’ve ever had
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  • Good to see how you can adapt it for different levels
  • Fun, confidence building
  • Absolutely brilliant workshop!
  • Inspiring

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